Stop leakage, stop unnecessary expense, and lower maintenance

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Instruments such as pressure gauge, flow meter, and transmitter

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All kinds of centrifugal pump products in order to complete the li

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U-Thong is well-known as premium's quality valve distributor in Th

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Angle seat valves

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Pump and Valve Asia 2014 4-7 มิถุนายน 2014 ที่ BITEC

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[Article]Extremely high pressure steam trap

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[Article]PLC Automatic piping system

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Promotion premium 'KSB Movitec' thumb drive

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Movitec - the new generation

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[Article]การคำนวณ Condensate load เพื่อใช้ในการเลือก Steam trap

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Italy pressure gauge, 'Fantinelli'

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Low speed MEGA Centrifugal pump

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New site updated

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Official “Movitec” distributor in Thailand

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U-Thong Company Limited is one of the leading pumps and valves distributor in Thailand. More than 10 partners all around the world trust us to be their main distributor for pumps and valves South East Asia in building services and industry application. U-Thong provides the world's quality, instantly action service, and green technology in every piece of our products.